Dear Applicant:

Thank you for considering renting a property from Action Team Realty. We have outlined below our policies and procedures and the criteria we use to select a tenant for the properties we manage.

Our Policies and Procedures:
1. Action Team Realty, its agents, and employees adhere to Fair Housing requirements and guidelines and do not discriminate against protected classes. These classes include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following: race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability and the presence of children.
2. Each person who is 18 years of age or older, who will be residing in the property, must make an application with Action Team Realty
3. Applications are made through our website Applicants.
4. Each applicant must pay $35.00 to Action Team Realty prior to our processing the application. On line applications must provide information of their bank account and authorize the withdrawal of $35.00 from that account for the applicant. Applicants who apply in office must pay $35.00 in cash, money order, or certified funds for each applicant.
5. Action Team Realty will not consider an application until all individuals who will be living in the property, 18 years of age and older, have submitted their individual application.

Our Criteria for Selecting an Applicant:
Action Team Realty is looking for a tenant who will pay their rent on time; maintain the property; and abide by the terms of the lease, the HOA rules and regulations if applicable, and be a good neighbor and citizen. Since there is no guarantee that any applicant will maintain the property, Action Team must rely on an applicant's past performance as well as their current financial situation. Therefore, we will consider the following items when reviewing any applicant's request:
1. Do you have a good rental history? We will require information from your current landlord as well as any other landlord to cover the past three years of your rental history.
2. Do you have good credit? We will obtain a credit report and determine whether you pay your bills on time. Your credit report allows us to see the history of whether you pay your obligations on time. We require a minimum 600 credit score. Anything under will require a double deposit and is up to the owner's discretion. We do not accept section 8 applicants with less than 600 credit score.
3. Are you currently employed and does your combined income equal approximately three times the amount of the monthly rent? We require two (2) months' worth of pay stubs in addition to employment verification from your employer.
4. Do you have a criminal record? We will obtain a Criminal Background Report, which does contain arrest and conviction records as well as evictions, foreclosures, bankruptcies, etc. (We require a picture government issued ID card)
5. Do you have pets? We do not allow pets in most of our properties. Having a pet will either disqualify you automatically or will greatly diminish your chance of our accepting you.
6. Do you smoke? We do not rent to individuals who smoke. Neither do we rent to individuals who grow, sell, use, or possess Federal illegal drugs, regardless of whether they are legal in Colorado.

Because no two applicants are the same, we use our best judgement, based on the information we have been able to verify in selecting our tenants. Applicants are accepted on the most qualified basis, not on a "first come, first served" basis. Until we have approved your application and you have given us certified funds in the amount required for the security deposit, which will be no less than the equivalent of one full month's rent, we will continue to market the property and accept applications. Based on current market conditions, we may accept an applicant which falls short of our standard requirements. In such cases we may require a co-signer or a higher security deposit or both. We do accept section 8 applicants, but they must have above a 600 credit score.

Applicants for 17076 Blue Mist Grove must have a minimum 600 credit score.

Applicants for 3930 Cantrell must have a minimum 600 credit score.

Applicants for 19079 E. Downy Creek Place must have a minimum 700 credit score.

Applicants for 7975 Dutch Loop must have a minimum 600 credit score.

Applicants for 7331 Pudu Point must have a minimum 600 credit score.

We are not accepting applicants who are under section 8 for any of the above mentioned properties.

Action Team Realty's Property Management Team

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